Friday, August 26, 2016

New Releases 26th August 2016

It's been a VERY big week here at Femmecraft, with the #KeepBreathing Spoonie project in full swing. You can read more about it at the previous post here.

But in between some very cool designs got released that you might have missed, so let's get started shall we!

Firstly, some designs back from the vaults! We Are Not Things from Mad Max:Fury Road, Non Compliant from Bitch Planet, and Wayward Son from Supernatural are all back in stock.

In terms of new designs, we have a beautiful one off, hand painted Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid. I'm very pleased with how this fat, fabulous femme came out!

Speaking of fabulous femmes, we also released an Agent Carter design, called I Know My Value.

It was a good week for Harry Potter fans too. I teamed up with an excellent colourist, and created some designs for Redbubble. If you go to the portfolio, you can get these designs professionally printed on t-shirts, notepads, mugs and more! We like to call this collection Mischevious Potterheads.

I also released a Mischief Managed necklace, featuring a teeny little hand painted wand. As usual, this is available with custom coloured backgrounds if you would prefer.

Some of the Star Wars Earrings released last week have sold out, but there are still quite a few looking for homes. Remember, we can swap out the nickel free wires for titanium ones if you have sensitive ears.

And that's about it for this week. Please keep spreading the word about the #KeepBreathing Project and the Spoonie necklace - I really want to get this project out there!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Keep Breathing - A Spoonie Talisman

If you're not familiar with the term "Spoonie" or The Spoon Theory, you can read about it here where it originated on But You Don't Look Sick.

I am a spoonie, in that my mental health conditions are chronic. But I also know a lot of spoonies, of many different types. Every time they run into an unhelpful doctor, or their brains are being unkind to them, or their bodies don't work the way they want them to, or someone makes them feel less because they can't do a thing, I wish so much that I could fix it all for them. I wish I could punch those unhelpful people, talk their brains into being kinder, and heal their bodies with Star Trek science. The spoonies I know are some of the kindest, most generous people in my world and they deserve the best of everything. But unfortunately, I can't fix these problems for them. Often, there's not a lot I can do at all. 

This design is my small attempt to create some sort of talisman for my spoonie friends, a charm to help them just get through the next moment when it seems like that's an impossible task. The wording is inspired by a card a very kind friend sent me when I was mourning my mother, and it's helped me a lot when things are bad. I can make it as a pendant or a brooch - I can even do a keyring on request. I'm happy to make them up in just about any colour of the rainbow, if you don't like the teal background I've chosen.

Because I know it's sometimes hard to get cash money as a spoonie, I will be offering it for free, or "pay what you want". If you can't get the money, or all of it, just email me and we can work something out. For further details on free or "pay what you want" necklaces and brooches, send me an email at If you feel awkward about emailing a stranger, you can also just fill out this handy dandy form I made up!

If you do have spare cashes and would like to just buy one, you can get it from my Etsy store or from my website.

Being a spoonie can be super isolating at times, and I'd like this project to do something to counteract that. So I have one request of anyone that gets this necklace - put up a selfie via tweet, Facebook, or Tumblr using the hashtag #KeepBreathing, so we can all see your wonderful faces, and see just how many amazing and beautiful spoonies there are out there.You can find me on Twitter at @anwyn, on Instagram at @femmecraft, on Tumblr at anwynincognito, or just email me at I hope to see some of you soon!